One stop shopping for Adaptive hunting, fishing, and camping equipment to help anyone with a handicap.

Adaptive, Disabled, and Handicap Fishing Equipment

We believe that anyone with a handicap should be able to continue fishing if they want to. Whether it's loss of limb function or mobility any handicap can be offset by adaptive fishing equipment and adapted fishing techniques.

We are continuing to evaluate adaptive fishing equipment in order to provide you with the largest selection of products. So far we’ve added electric fishing reels, a tool to tie better Fishing Knots and fishing equipment to attach to a wheelchair.

Our goal is to be the single source for all your adaptive outdoor equipment needs.

We hope that the one of products listed will help you continue to enjoy the sport you love.

Adaptive Fishing - Strong Arm
This is an excellent product for anyone with limited or no grip.
Adaptive Fishing - TY-ALL
Aids fishermen in threading hooks, tying fishing knots, and cutting line.
Limited Mobility Fishing Mount
The Model FM200 is a limited mobility fishing mount.
Reel Cranker Hand Device
Reel Cranker Hand Device (without additional wrist support)
Reel Cranker with additional wrist support
RC200 Reel Cranker with additional wrist support
Elec-tra-mate Reels & Penn Reels
Provide the enjoyment of fishing without the hard work and tiring effort of cranking.
You simply attach an adapter to the item you wish to hold.
Finnegan's Fly Tool
Finnegan's Fly Tool is an innovative new multi-tool designed for fly fishing.
Adaptive Fishing - ADALAP
The ADALAP slides right under the seat cushion.
Adaptive Fishing - Turboset
Turboset's patented arm support cradle increases both accuracy and hook set power while reducing arm fatigue and wrist pain.
Fishing Pole HolderLend-A-Hand
What is Lend-A-Hand®?Lend-A-Hand® is the first and only universal assistive device. It helps provide additional arm support, leverage and strength while raking, painting and other day to day activities.