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Fishing Rod Holder - Fishing Rod Bandit

Fishing Rod Bandit
When you need an extra hand ... the Fishing Rod Bandit is there. A fishing assist* that makes sense. This modestly priced fishing rod holder provides convenience, efficiency and comfort all wrapped up in a simple to manage package.

Because of the unique positioning across the abdomen or side, sensing and immediately reacting to a fish strike is a breeze - even without the use of ones hands. One can safely take a break from holding your fishing rod and enjoy a beverage, sandwich or read a book and not worry about missing a fish strike. Just a short jerk of your torso can set the hook and take control of a fighting fish or you can simply place the fishing rod in holder after a strike. The Bandit is dynamite for trolling or drifting. This Bandit and or knee fish clamps would be an excellent addition to any ones tackle.

The Sidewinder Bandit positions the rod to one side of your body.
Fishing Rod Bandit - Fish Holder
When you need a little help holding that catch in place while removing the hook.