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Adaptive Hunting - Shooting Sticks

Adaptive Hunting  - Shooting Sticks
For Adaptive Hunting, BIPOD Shooting Sticks are ideal for setting up or checking your scope. Perfect for target shooters, Turkey or Deer hunters, as well as all BIG GAME hunters needing to take that long shot. Even the backyard BB gun shooter will find them useful. BIPOD shooting Sticks can quickly be used as a cradle to support your weapon or LOOP LOCKed around the weapon. Constructed of lightweight composite material and designed to hold the weapon in a firm rubber grip, Bipod Shooting Sticks unique mount is designed to rotate around the weapon for use against a wall or tree. BIPOD Shooting Sticks are simple to use, easy to carry, and less expensive than any other universal bipod on the market.

Bipod Shooting Stick
Multi-function Shooting Sticks